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Here are a few notes I received from some of my former short fiction writing adult students:

Dear Kathe,

Thank you so much for the most informative and well-organized class I have ever taken.
Whether one is writing for pure pleasure or for hopes of publication your class can help them achieve their dreams. I wish it had gone on for four or five more weeks. I look forward to your expanded class in the spring.

Atala.D, NH

Dear Kathe,

You have encouraged me to continue to write an given me the tools and help to get started. Thank you as much for presenting a most stimulating, informative, and exciting short story writing course.
I found each of your classes opened new doors of knowledge. The printed material you provided and reviewed with us is extremely helpful. Best of all, these past weeks have been such fun for your entire class.

Mildred .D., NH

Dear Kathe,

Thank you for the short story writing class. You truly have a gift for teaching. Please let me know when you will be teaching another class. I would like to work on writing more—I am determined. Through your help I will keep working on it.

Alice D. NH

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Teaching Writing

(Next short story writing class starts May 29, 2012)

Kathe's next offering, an eight week class in short story writing begins on Tuesday, May 29, 2012. Please click the link for more information.
Short Story Writing

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What My Students Say

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