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In the midst of instant messaging, one click communication, and email it may seem a trifle archaeic to bring up the topic of letterwriting. However, even in today’s fast-paced world there will be occasions when a typed business letter is necessary. Occasions such as replies to government agency letters you have received, letters of complaint regarding a product or service you are displeased with, cover letters for resumes, letters to debt collectors, banks, and credit agencies to name a few.

In many cases a letter is the only representation of you that a business or agency will have and a well-written letter insures that your letter will be taken into consideration.
Often these types of letters must contain information that is organized and presented in a logical and cohesive manner. In stressful situations it is often difficult to focus on creating a clear and concise representation of your cause.

While I am not an attorney and do not provide legal advice at all I can help you to craft a letter that will simply and logically state the facts and opinions that you wish to express.

Personal correspondence is usually an enjoyable experience: letters to grandchildren, notes of thanks or congratulations to friends and family but there will be those times when a note or letter of sympathy is necessary. Many people forgo writing those notes or letters because they are at a loss for something to say, or they fear saying the wrong thing and causing more sorrow.
What we have to keep in mind is those note and letters of condolence, written sincerely, are very often a source of comfort and strength to the recipient, a reminder that even in a time of grief there are those who care for them.
While sympathy cards are an option, nothing takes the place of a thoughtful, caring, hand written note or letter.

For your business and personal correspondence I will take a few moments to chat with you about your thoughts on the subject of your letter or note and while I will consult with you and work with you on a first draft of your correspondence my goal is to ensure that the note or letter is an expression of your voice, your style, and your feelings.

Seeking assistance in the above matters is not to be confused with insincerity or deceit. Instead it shows an honest effort to make the best presentation of yourself to others and in the case of condolences it shows kindness and concern for one who is grieving.

It would be an honor to help you with your business, personal, or social correspondence. And in all matters, confidentiality is my highest priority.

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Email Kathe

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