Here are some samples of my 35 mm and digital photographic work. To read information about each photo slide the cursor over the photo.

Several photos are linked to clips of articles I’ve written. Click on the link to read the article or press release. Then click the back button to return to the photo gallery.

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”Jim Watson
Slim Jim Watson
Hard Rock Clare 35mm Photo: Kathe Molloy
Hard Rock Clare
Ed Condon 35mm Photo: Kathe Molloy
Ed Condon
Jeff Costello 35mm Photo: Kathe Molloy
Jeff Costello
Ali Digital Photo: Kathe Molloy
Chuck Ober Photo: Kathe Molloy
Chuck Ober
Nick Scalera Newport Opera House  35mm Photo:
Nick Scalera
 Nick Scalera 35mm Photo: Kathe Molloy
Nick Scalera
Bluesman K.D.Bell
Bluesman K.D.Bell
Bluesman K.D.BellBluesman K.D.Bell
at Newport Opera House
Chip Clough Photo: Kathe Molloy
Chip Clough
 Steven Tyler’s Dad Pianist Victor Tallarico
Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler’s Dad; Pianist Victor Tallarico
Ray Reed at Corbin Covered Bridge, Newport, NH 35mm Photo: Kathe Molloy
Ray Reed
Corbin Covered
Bridge Newport, NH
John Duggan, NH
John Duggan, NH
Pollards Mills NH Photo: Kathe Molloy
Pollards Mills, NH
NH Cow Girl Cornish Fair NH
NH Cow Girl
Maryland Dressage
Maryland Dressage
Pullin’ 9,000 Pounds
Pullin’ 9,000
Claremont Cycle Club Digital Photo: Kathe Molloy
Claremont Cycle Club
Soccer Photo: Kathe Molloy
Turning Points Network 5K Run Digital Photo: Kathe Molloy
Checking the Time
Turning Points Network 5K
Peppers in Sunlight 35mm Photo: Kathe Molloy
Peppers in Sunlight
Antique Truck Photo: Kathe Molloy
Antique Truck
 Madam's Water Lillies Photo: Kathe Molloy
Madam’s Water Lillies

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